Read This First

So, you want to be a Magician!

This is where you discover the secrets to the first 10 tricks in the Hocus Focus™ Magic Club.

Here’s what you will want to remember:

  1. Download the illustrated directions for each trick so you can follow along with the video.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the directions, watch the video to see exactly what the trick is all about.
  3. Following the performance of the trick, there is a “pause” in the video. Then I’ll teach you, step-by-step, how to do the magic trick. Follow along using the written directions.

Remember, some of the tricks are super easy and some of them are much more difficult. That’s okay, even the easy ones are great magic tricks! The harder ones just mean you’re going to need to practice them more often before you show them to your friends and family. Be patient with yourself while you learn the tricks, especially the difficult ones.


In addition to the lessons, you can set up a FaceTime or Skype call with me. I suggest that you learn a few tricks first (maybe 2 or 3) and then book a session.

Each session is $25. I’ll watch you perform and give you some Private Performance Pointers on each trick to help you make your presentation more magical.

Because this cost money, you’ll want to make sure to get permission from your parents first!


Here’s an idea – invite a friend to learn the tricks with you! And, remember, if you have questions, you can always drop me an email (

Each trick will use either a piece of rope about 36″ – 40″ inches long, a full-length pencil or stick (or a magic wand), three different colored rubber bands, two paper clips (about 2″), and a dollar bill or piece of paper about the same size.


If you haven’t already downloaded, read, and signed the Magician’s Code of Ethics, you should do that now.


As a member of the Hocus Focus Magic Club, you can download your Membership Certificate below.


And when you completed all 10 lessons, you can download your diploma, your Certificate of Completion.