For Parents

Thank you for checking out Hocus Focus™ and The Magic Club for your child. You’re probably wondering who we are and what we’re all about. The project was founded by Kevin Spencer in 2009 to help children of all abilities improve important skills using simple magic tricks.

Hocus Focus™ activities combine education and imagination to help children improve cognition, motor skills, communication, and social skills while developing creativity and flexible thinking.

What Do We Do?

The nonprofit organization has grown over the years. Today, we provide a variety of services to organizations around the world – interactive educational experiences for children and adolescents, professional development training for Educators, continuing education workshops for Healthcare Professionals, training for First Responders, and Sensory Inclusive Magic Performances for audiences of all ages and abilities.

You can learn more about our work by visiting our website.

What Can You Do?

Magic Lessons: If you and your children are enjoying the Hocus Focus™ Magic Club, I hope you’ll consider making a donation of any amount to support this work.

Performance Pointers: In addition to the lessons, you can set up a FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom call with me. I suggest that your child learn a few tricks first (maybe 2 or 3) and then book a session. Each session is $25. I’ll watch your child perform and give them some Private Performance Pointers on each trick to help make their presentation more magical.

Share with your Friends: I encourage you to share this website with your friends through Social Media or email. I would appreciate that very much!

Who Is Kevin Spencer?

Kevin Spencer is an award-winning performing artist who, for more than 25 years, toured the world with one of the largest and most successful theatrical illusion productions in the U.S. At the pinnacle of his career, Spencer stepped away from the stage and into classrooms and hospitals. As an educator, artist, consultant, and cultural entrepreneur, he works to create inclusive communities where everyone experiences an authentic sense of belonging and no one – for any reason – is relegated to the margins.

His work focuses on using the art of magic to impact change in the lives of children with autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual challenges, emotional behavior disorders, and those who haveexperienced trauma. His program – Hocus FocusTM – is a 2020 nominee for the Zero Project Award which recognizes innovative practices and models that improve the daily lives of persons with disabilities.

Empowering people with different abilities is his passion.  People with disabilities are often forgotten and pushed to the margins of our society. But what we’ve learned is they have hopes and dreams just like you and me; but their futures are often molded by the attitudes and perceptions we have about them. If we don’t change our way of thinking, then nothing will change.

Everyday in the U.S., 1 child in 7 is born with a disability. Around the world, there are more than 110 million children and more than 650 million adults living with a disability.  The statistics are staggering…and rising.

Everyone who supports people with disabilities is, in some way, an advocate for their best interests.  The international conversation about disability issues has been taking place for years but change – real change – must happen in the hearts and minds of ordinary people, not merely in policy and law.

The reality is these individuals don’t want our sympathy; but, in order to flourish, they do need our understanding and support.  They want us to know they are capable of doing remarkable things, that they can lead full and productive lives, and that they can participate richly in the life of their communities.  We must make a way for them to have that chance by advocating – loudly and often – for their voices to be heard.

You and I can raise awareness of international disability issues, change people’s perceptions and attitudes, and provide opportunities for individuals with different abilities to share in the global society.

Together, we can make a difference!