Lesson 3: The Instant Knot

The Instant Knot this is the perfect magic trick that uses only one hand. It is super simple BUT the effect is really mind-blowing! The idea is to make a knot appear at one end of the rope simply by bouncing the rope.

BEFORE you watch the video or read the instructions, pick up a piece of rope. Give it a try – hold the end of the rope in one of your hands; pick up the other end of the rope and hold both ends in the same hand; drop one end of the rope and see if you can make a knot.

You can download the instructions for The Instant Knot HERE.

When presented correctly, this is a very baffling trick! One way of performing this one is to tell the audience this is a very difficult trick. Pick up the end of the rope, count to three, and drop the rope without the knot. Pretend that you are a little embarrassed and try again. The second time, drop the knot and hold it up for the audience to see. Impressive!

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